Hi. My name is Dr. Sipho Morrison, and welcome to our sanctuary, where we believe in:

Research-backed, actionable insights.
Prioritising understanding over rote learning.
Celebrating the journey of learning as much as the outcomes.
Breaking free from the traditional dogmas of teaching.
Here, we stand firmly by our belief that there's no one-size-fits-all method in education. Teaching should be as diverse as the learners it caters to.

I'm a teacher now teaching other teachers. My experiences and reflections fuel the content on this website. I write transparently, hoping to inspire, engage, and challenge both myself and you, the reader.

Every day teachers resign their posts because of their disillusionment with teaching. They will have gone into the profession with enthusiasm and gusto, expecting the school to be a place where teachers are respected, expecting that they will be able to help young people learn, and expecting that they will be able to teach.
A lack of importance (is) placed on the value of education

In the UK alone, last year, there were an extraordinary number of teachers leaving the profession, citing pay and conditions as their number one reason (Adams, 2023). Society does not seem to value teachers, yet, somewhat paradoxically, without us, there would be no society (Spruyt, 2021).

"There is no such thing as a neutral educational process."

(Friere, 1972, p. 14)

Teachers and educators find their workload overwhelming, and they often do administrative work more than helping young people learn. In addition, they constantly face pressures from standardised testing regimes, ‘teaching to the test’ and restrictive curriculum guidelines, which constantly exhaust their creativity and limit their ability to engage learners (Wright, 2013). A constant lack of resources and money, and a lack of importance placed on the value of education continue to impede their effectiveness in the classroom (Micklewright et al., 2013).

In time, let's build a community of teachers to challenge the current situation.

Our intent

I'm not here to present an "ultimate guide." Instead, I want to create content, stir discussions, and spotlight best practices. Through this, I hope to challenge your perceptions about teaching and learning, promoting a more inclusive and adaptive approach to education. I want teachers to find once again that enthusiasm that they once had. For example:

Rediscover the 'Why' - Every teacher was once driven by a profound desire to make a difference; sometimes, they just need a gentle nudge to reconnect with that initial motivation
Mentoring - Get paired with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support.
Sharing Good Practice - Access articles, webinars, and courses created by educators, for educators.
Community - Connect with teachers who've been there and found solutions.

To embark on this journey, I am committing to writing a weekly newsletter, tackling some of the issues above. Your support means the world—please subscribe to join the conversation. Let's make a difference together.

Opening image: 'love to learn' by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash