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This contact page invites those interested in education to share ideas to reignite a love for teaching. Readers can reply to newsletters or emails. While not all will be answered, all are read. Selected contributions could feature in a newsletter, highlighting a belief in collective progress.

Do you have feedback? Something you think should (or shouldn't) be, or maybe you want to take a more active part of this journey with me?

You can hit reply to any newsletter or email me at
Everything that you discuss or pose will be considered. I can't promise to answer every email, but I promise to read every one.

I encourage you to share your thoughts and contribute. Please share if you’ve done things differently that made a big impact. Or if you have an idea you think will make ‘the vision’ happen sooner, share.

a woman writing on a wall filled with community ideas
Prompt - Image of a woman writing on a wall filled with community ideas

This exchange is not limited to just teachers. It includes academics, learners, parents, or simply if you are interested in education.

Maybe you have an idea that might help other teachers regain their enthusiasm for teaching. Please share it with us—by email

We may feature it in an upcoming newsletter. We believe in collective progress and that everyone's input matters.